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What Do I Need to Bring for Our First Meeting?

Your Taxes Are Due!

Your Taxes Are Due

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What Should You Bring to Our First Meeting?


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All Clients Should Bring the Following Items
(Unless Otherwise Stated):

  1. Social Security cards and birth certificates for any new dependents
  2. W2 forms from ALL jobs held last year
  3. 1099 forms issued from unemployment, banks, mutual funds, IRA payouts, 401(k) and other retirement distributions
  4. Student Loan Interest Paid
  5. Mortgage interest statement (Form 1098)
  6. Records for any business activities such as rental, self-employment, etc.
  7. Current pay stub
  8. A check or proof of bank account if you wish to directly deposit your refund
  9. Any other information or notices you received or anything you have questions about
  10. If you plan to participate in any of the bank/fee withholding products, an official picture ID is required
  11. If you sold stock, or your broker sold stock for you, you must bring the information from when you bought or received the stock. If you don’t know this information, we can research it for you at a reasonable fee
  12. If you purchased a home, bring the closing papers

New Clients Must Bring
(In Addition to the Above):

  1. Copy of last year’s tax return
  2. Social Security cards for all dependents claimed, or verification of name/social security number of dependents

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